Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Dream Vacation

Years ago, Caryn and I were inspired by a couple of families who treated their children with special vacations after highschool graduation. The deal was simple: do well in school, honor God through those turbulent years, and during the lull between highschool and college, one of us will accompany you on a vacation anywhere in the world.

I would have loved such an arrangement when I graduated highschool. Mountains are my thing - I would have chosen Switzerland. If money were tight, I could be just as happy visiting the Miami Dolphins' training camp. No need for international travel per se.

Last night as we sat around the dinner table, my wife asked our seven year old daughter where she dreams of going for her special mother and daughter vacation.

"London, England!" she relpied.

This is a no-brainer. My wife and daughter love all those sappy British movies. Jane Austen, Hugh Grant, Collin Firth. There's always tea and crumpets at the Blanchard home.

Frustrated a bit, and hoping for a more adventuresome destination, I turned to my three year old son and asked the same question.

"Mom and sis are going to London for their special vacation. Where should you and I go when you graduate?"

With no hesitation at all, my son nodded, finished chewing his mouthful of corn dog, and replied conifidently:




Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you ran to the wardrobe right after this...

Anonymous said...

Haha... that is very cute.

Justin said...

Did he ever explain why he'd chosen Nineveh?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming he owns the Veggietales Jonah DVD, am I right? I mean you WOULDN'T want to go to Ninevah if they got those cheese-chip-thingys or whatever they are? :-)