Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today I Eat Alone...

I have been reading much lately about the need for a more relational approach to ministry. More and more I recognize how much of my time is spent in the office - away from my students. I need to spend more time with people.

Today my goal was to track someone down and take them to lunch. I expected this to be easy. I made five phone calls before giving up.

Pom pom practice

Band practice

Plans at the mall

One never returned my call

One simply declined

On a positive note, a did get two solid rain checks and one "Like, ok, totally for sure some other time" in consolation.

Does it really have to be this difficult?



Franklin Wood said...

Amen, dude.

Cindy said...

Stick with it!!!

Justin said...

You've described a frustration I have felt far more often than I care to remember. It has recently caused me to seriously question the wisdom of the whole "professional minister" thing itself. In many cases, I am coming to believe that a more Pauline model of ministry might just be where we need to move.

I'll be praying for greater successes for both of us in the future. Take care, brother.

caryn777 said...

Don't give up. Eventually even teenagers learn to appreciate a free lunch...or at least their parents should. :)