Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Goodbye, Cascade College.

I am saddened by the news that Cascade College will be closing next spring. This is not the first time - Columbia Christian closed once before.

I worked with the Eastside Church for five years. We were a stones throw from campus - the college actually met in our auditorium for daily chapel services. I got to know a lot of great people at Cascade College. I sent some of my brightest students there.

I looked in the mirror as I brushed my teeth the other day. There I was in one of my Cascade College t-shirts - a one time advertising peice now turned souvenir. It hurt to realize there would be no more t-shirts to replenish my well-worn supply.

Christian education has had a long history in the Pacific Northwest. Columbia Christian Schools has been nurturing students of all ages for over fifty years. Many of these students have returned to their churches as leaders, ministers, elders, missionaries. More will be needed for our tradition to thrive in the region. Many more will be needed...

As an alum of Oklahoma Christian University, with family and friends in the Northwest, I have a unique perspective on recent events. I sympathize with OC for the terrible decision they were forced into making. I hope all the critics and nay-sayers recognize the many years Oklahoma Christian provided finances, faculty, staff and accredidation necessary to support Cascade College. On the other hand, I greive with my friends and family in the Pacific Northwest for their (our) loss. The Northwest culture is precious and unique. If you have not lived in that region or become part of its fabric, please don't claim to "know how those people feel" right now.

To all affected by this unfortunate closing I will remind you once more: Columbia Christian College was closed once before. God was glorified through Columbia Christian - and the doors eventually closed. Cascade College brought new life, new hope to the region. The college was resurrected - God was glorified once more! This chapter has also come to a close. There are future chapters to be written. God will be glorified.

Do not lose hope.

This is not the end - this is the beginning of a new chapter just waiting to unfold. We serve a God who brings life out of death. We serve a God who thrives on resurrection.



Candace said...

Thanks for writing this, Dave. My heart hurts in a way that has been hard to explain to people here....

Jim said...

I too have been grieving.